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Roundup Cook

Roundup Cook
(Robert V. Carr)

There's good cooks and there's bad ones -- no harm in being frank
But, speakin' gener'ly, I'll say a roundup cook's a crank
There's something aggravatin' in the dealin' out of chuck
That makes a man not care fer jokes, and feel down on his luck

If you should think to doubt my word, jes' go and sass a cook
And then fer some deep hole to hide, go take a sudden look
While goin's good, you'd better go, before the hashknife falls
Before the boss of pots and pans your frame in anger crawls

But yet we sort of like the cook, and love to hear him say
"Oh, you'd better come and git it, or I'll throw it all away!"
And to his face -- tho' privately we cuss him now and then
We brag upon his chuck and act like perfect gentlemen


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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