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Ranzo Ray 2

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Ranzo Ray 2

Ooh the bully boat's a-comin' don't ye hear the paddles rollin'
     Ranzo, Ranzo, hurray, hurray!
Oh the bully boat's a-comin' down the river she's a-bowlin'
     Ranzo, Ranzo Ray!

Ooh, the bully boat's a-comin' down the Mississippi floatin'
Ooh, the bully boat's a-comin', an' the gals is all a-waitin'

Ooh, I'm bound away ter leave yer, but I never will deceive yer,
I'm bound away ter leave yer, my half-pay I'm gonna leave yer.

Ooh, we're bound for Yokohammer, with a load o'grand pianners (2x)

Oh, we'r e bound for Giberralterr an' our carger's bricks an' mortar (2x)

Ooh, we're bound for Valparaiser with a load o'rusty razors (2x)

Oh, we're bound for Bonas Airees with a buneh o' green canaries (2x)
Oh, we're bound for Santianner and we're loaded down with lager (2x)

When I eome again ter meet yer, it's wi@h kises I will greet yer (2x)

Oh, we'll tie' er up in London, an' we'Il all go on the r an-tan (2x)

From Shanties from thr Seven Seas, Hugill
Note: verses work with RANZORAY

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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