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Roll on, You Log Haulers

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Roll on, You Log Haulers

1.  Last night as I stood at the landing
    Looking right up at the sky
    I wondered if ever a logger
    Would be happy way up there on high.

cho: Roll on, roll on, roll on, you log haulers, roll on, roll on
     Roll on, roll on, roll on, you log haulers, roll on.

2.  Will there be any big logs to haul there?
    Will there be any pine trees to fell?
    I sometimes think that a logger
    Would be happier way down in hell.

3.  A logger's life is a hard one
    With danger around all the bends
    But I imagine one day I will be there
    For that's where I'll meet all my friends.

4.  I expect that I'll hit a tough show there
    Haulin' logs down slippery hills
    A-workin' full twenty-four hours
    To try and catch up with my bills.

5.  But one thing, there'll be a big change there,
    I'll be doin' it just for the thrills
    I'll be haulin' 'em all for the devil
    To the deuce with the interior sawmills!

- w., m., John Kehoe; from the singing of his brother Jim.
PJT Coll 083. Tune: "Roll On, Little Dogies".

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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