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Roll on, Saskatchewan

Roll on, Saskatchewan

Let my heart sing an old river song
As we journey back where I belong,
Where the wind comes to say
To the river each day,
"Roll on, roll on, Saskatchewan."

Chos:     Roll on, roll on, Saskatchewan
     From the wheat fields of my heart.
     Go find your way
     To the cool Hudson Bay.
     Roll on, roll on, Saskatchewan.

Oh, river, go whisper my prayer.
Tell mother and dad I still care.
Leave this tear that I cried
On the shore that they died.
Roll on, roll on, Saskatchewan. (Chorus twice)

Roll on, roll on, Saskatchewan. (3x)

Recorded by Stompin' Tom Connors  on "Stompin' Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw," EMI
93047, and on "A Proud Canadian," Capitol S1 80007.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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