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All Around My Heart (IRA)

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All Around My Heart (IRA)

I had a true love, if ever a girl had one
I had a true love, a brave lad was he
One fine Easter morning, with his gallant comrades
He started away for to set Ireland free.

cho: All round my heart, I'll wear the tri-colored ribbon
     All 'round my heart I'll wear the green white and gold;
     And if anyone should ask me the reason that I'm wearing it
     It's for my true love (I never more shall see) or (in the I.R.A.)

He whispered, "Goodbye, love, Old Ireland is calling
High over Dublin the tricolour flies;
In the streets of the city, the foeman is falling
And wee birds are singing, "Old Ireland, arise!"

His bandolier 'round him, his bright eyes a-shining
His short service rifle, a beauty to see,
There was joy in his eyes, though he left me behind him
And started away for to set Ireland free.

[My true love is a soldier, he's fighting for old Ireland
His short service rifle is a wonder to see;
And as the moon was declining, he left me repining
His bright bayonet shining, to keep old Ireland free.]

     All around my hat I wear the tricolor ribbon
     All around my hat, until death comes to me
     And if anybody's asking why do I wear it
     It's all for my true love, I never more shall see.

In prayer and in waiting, the dark days passed over
The roar of the guns brought no messge to me
I prayed for Old Ireland, I prayed for my true love
That he might be safe and Old Ireland be free.

The struggle is ended, they brought me the story
The last whispered message he sent unto me,
I was true to the land, love, I fought for her glory
And gave up my life for to keep Old Ireland free.


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