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Roscommon of My Dreams

Roscommon of My Dreams
 (Larry Kilcommins)

 As I gazed out of the window
 Of this old apartment block
 Across the concrete jungle
 That's the City of New York,
 My thoughts go wandering slowly back
 To those lovely woods and streams
 That I left behind in Ireland
 And Roscommon of my dreams.

 I see again your abbey walls
 Where I played when still a child
 And that little brook beneath the hill
 Meandering in the wild,
 The old Town Hall where I danced at night
 When I was in my teens;
 Those were happy days in Ireland
 And Roscommon of my dreams.

 I'll ne'er forget the summer days
 When on Sundays after mass
 It was off to Coman's Park I'd go
 The afternoon to pass.
 It was there I cheered the Blue and Gold,
 They were my favourite team.
 (Oh, brought honour to my county then
 Roscommon of my dreams.

 In the crisp cold days of winter
 I would chase the fox and hare
 Across the fields and through the woods
 To Castle Coate so fair.
 It was there I met my own true love,
 Where the River Suck it streams,
 Back home in dear old Ireland
 And Roscommon of my dreams.

 What took me here across the seas
 To this lonely city life,
 Where my thoughts are of my native land
 And a lovely Irish wife.
 To walk the roads with my own true love
 Beneath the pale moon beams
 Is all the heaven I'll ask of God
 In Roscommon of my dreams.


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