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The Roseville Fair

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The Roseville Fair
(Bill Staines)

Oh, the night was clear, and the stars were shining
And the moon came up so quiet in the sky.
And the people gathered 'round and the band was a'tuning.
I can hear them now playing "Coming Thru the Rye."

     And we danced all night to the fiddle and the banjo.
     Their drifting tunes seemed to fill the air.
     So long ago, but I still remember
     When we fell in love at the Roseville Fair.

You were dressed in blue, and you looked so lovely,
Just a gentle flower of a small town girl.
You took my hand, and we stepped to the music.
And with a single smile, you became my world.

We courted well, and we courted dearly,
And we'd rock for hours in the front porch chair
Then a year went by from the time that I met you
And I made you mine at the Roseville Fair

     So here's a song for all of the lovers,
     And here's a tune that they can share
     May they dance all night to the fiddle and the banjo
     The way we did at the Roseville Fair.

By Bill Staines, copyright 1979
On "The Whistle of the Jay", FSI-70

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