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Roving Cowboy

Roving Cowboy

Come all you roving cowboys, bound down this lowly land
I'll tell to you a story, while you around me stand
I'm a going to quit this, wild west, it's a bleak and stormy plain
For I'm a thinking I will leave you to never return again.

So sweetheart, my dear sweetheart, for sure dear I can't get along
I left my dear old father, my country and my home
I left my dear old mother, to weep and to mourn
Go to be a roving cowboy, and with the cattle roam.

I left my friends and home so dear, with a many a parting tear
My father followed saying, my boy, my boy, I fear
May God protect and guide you, and leave you not alone
Or bring his roving cowboy, back to his native home.

This maiden fair and lovely, sits closely by my side
Tonight she promised faithful, that she would be my bride
So I kissed away a flowing tear, was dim to my blue eyes
I'll never forget my darling girl, I'll love her till I die.

I've tried the straits of rambling, I know their trial well
I've crossed the rocky mountain, where a many a brave boy fell
I've seen the far and distant countries, full of Indian, armed and wild
I'll never forget my dear old home, nor mother's sweetest smile.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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