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The Roving Newfoundlanders

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The Roving Newfoundlanders

As I was sitting in my homestead one day while all alone
I wahinking of my countrymrn and where they had to roam
From England to America, Australia and Japan
Where'er you go you'll surely find a man from Newfoundland.

They're the pride of every country, good fortune on them smile!
They climed the heights of Alma, they crossed the river Nile,
They sailed unto Vancouver, you'll find it on the roll
And on the expedition went nearest to the Pole.

It's way out in South Africa where hogs they stand so high,
They used their guns and bayonets the Boers for to destroy;
Where cannons roar like thunder destruction's on the plain
You sons of Terra Nova, you fought for England's fame.

'Twas Nelson at Trafalgar the victory did gain
The Americans fought the Spaniards for blowing up the Maine,
She sunk with all her gallant crew, that gay and gallant band,
They're sleeping in their watery graves like sons of Newfoundland.

When my mind been bent on roaming, 'tis something sad to tell,
Out in the mines of Cuba, one of my comrades fell;
His age had scarce been twenty-one, just entered in full bloom,
On the eighteenth day of June was summoned to his tomb.

They sailed the Mediterranean, I've heard the clergy tell
They went out into Egypt, from that to Jacob's Well
They've fished the Northern and Grand Banks from every hole and knap []
They are the tyrants of the sea, they fished the Flemish Cap.[2]

And now my song is ended, I think I have done well
My birthplace and my station I'm trying for to tell;
I've spoke of every nation, I've freely won my race
I am a Newfoundlander belongs to Harbour Grace.

[1] deep water and shoal
[2] A place on the American Banks

From Ballads and Sea Songs of Newfoundland, Greenleaf

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