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Rozie Brown's Store

Rozie Brown's Store

CHO: First came the railroad,
     Then came the depot,
     Then came the general store:
     Gathering place for the people.

Rozie Brown's store had everything and more
That anybody could need:
Fishing pole, hook, line, and sinker;
Pins and needles and thread;
Horse collars, straw hats, and clothes;
Barrels of pickles and fish;
Cookies and crackers, pump-your-own molasses.
You can get anything you wish.

The farmers' big hands would roll the milk cans
Onto the train to Boston,
Then drive their teams back to the store
For gabbin' and for talkin'.
Telephone exchange didn't cost any change
You could help plug in the wire,
Sort the mail, put it in a big bag,
Hook it to the fast train "Flyer."

First freezing plant in all the land
Down by the railroad track;
When the cove was frozen men would go out knowin'
Time to cut the Chapman Cove ice.
From here, you could see all the geese who would flee
Till all the hill looked white.
A boy drove geese to the freezing plant,
A boy in command all right.

We saw the bridge go down by ice coming up
In nineteen-twenty-three.
It floated on down the Winooski River
Pushed by a big elm tree.
To slide down Depot Hill was a great big thrill
All the way to the railroad track,
After a chill or a winter spill
We'd go to Rozie Brown's before headin' back.

(Repeat first verse)

By students at Williston Central School, Williston, Vermont
Filename[ ROZBSTOR

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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