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Run Come See, Jerusalem

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Run Come See, Jerusalem

It was in nineteen hundred and twenty nine,
     Run come see, run come see,
It was in nineteen hundred and twenty nine
     Run come see, Jerusalem.

That day they were talkin' 'bout a storm on the islands, (2x)

That day there were three ships leavin' out the harbor

It was the Ethel, the Myrtle and the Pretoria,

They were bound for the island of Andros

The Pretoria was out on the ocean,

Right then it was a big sea built up in the northwest

My God, when the first wave hit the Pretoria

My God, there were thirty-three souls on the water

My God, now George Brown he was the captain

He said, "Come now, witness your judgment"

Threr'll be no maore waiting on Andros.


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