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The Jolly Young Sailor

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The Jolly Young Sailor

Come all you true lovers and the truth I'll unfold.
'Tis of a true story as ever was told,
Concerning a lady of fair Yarmouth town,
Who was crowned with a beauty, all fame and reknown.

Thcre were many rich merchants who a-courting her came
And many rich presents were sent by the same,
All hoping and striving this fair one to gain,
But in all of their striving they all strove in vain.

On a fine summer's morning of a fine summer's day,
As a jolly young sailor by chance passed that way,
Being light, brisk and jolly as he passed her by,
She tapped on the window and bade him draw nigh.

"Where are you going, sir, and what is your aim?
What is your occupation? Pray tell me your name,
And where is the place that you make your abode,
And what is the cause of your walking this road?"

"My name it is William, I'm a sailor by trade.
All parts of America l've already surveyed.
In the city of New York [is] where I make my abode,
And I hope there's no harm in my walking this road."

"Oh William, I would have you in this counrry to tarry,
And with some rich lady I would have you to marry.
Perhaps her great riches might increase to your store.
Oh William, I would have you for to ramble no more."

"I would not stop rambling for fortune or more.
I can gather riches and lay them in store.
I have gold in my pocket and silver likewise."
Like an innocent lover, tears fell from her eyes.

"Oh William, I would have you for to marry with me.
I have men snd maid-servants to wait upon me.
I have a coach and six horses; at your pleasure you may ride,
If you will consent to make me your bride."

Then William consented for to be the bridegroom.
The parson was sent for all in the forenoon,
And a happier wedding scarce ever was seen,
Than a jolly young sailor to a beautiful queen.

From Shanteymen and Shanty Boys, Doerflinger
DT #476
Laws O13

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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