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Sally Gee

Sally Gee

 I'll tell you of a nice young lass and her name is Sally Gee,
 I met her in the pub one night, it was down on the quay.
 I says to her well I know your face but a divvent knaa from where.
 So I asked where abouts she lived and she said down Carliol Square.

 Cho: But never mind, the lass she's kind, I knaa she is good hearted,
     And the cast in her eye makes her look shy and I wish we never had parted.
     She's got a hump and she walks with stick and she's always good to me.
     I'm fond of the lass that none can pass, the lass down on the quay.

 Every neet I used to meet me Sally on the quay.
 I asked her if she'd marry me if she'd be good to me.
 How long it is since she washed herself well I'm sure I divvent knaa.
 'Cos she's got a face like an old spice cake, as black as any craa.


 Well it was all through her I went on the drink, I went headlong to the bad.
 I pawned me watch and I pawned me chain, that was everything I had.
 And then next morn the landlord appeared and he hoyed us through the door.
 And I spent six months in Durham Gaol with me clothes put into store.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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