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Murder of Sarah Vail

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Murder of Sarah Vail

Come all you people lend an ear, a dreadful story you shall hear
This murderous deed was done of late in eighteen hundred and sixty-eight
There was a man called John Monroe, who did Miss Vail a-courting go
This girl was handsome, young and fair, few with her that could compare.

Monroe was married, it is true.  He had a wife and children, too.
But still Miss Vail he went to see, not caring what the talk might be.
In course of time an offspring came, which brought to light their
    hidden shame
But still together they did go until he proved their overthrow.

She had five hundred dollars, too, left by her father, it is true
He got the money when in need and then he did the awful deed
Poor thing, he led her all about, to Boston, back and other routes
And then he did take her at his will ...

He led her to that lonely spot, and there he fired the fatal shot
A bullet buried in her brain, she fell in death, there to remain
Then killed the baby in a rush and covered them with moss and brush
And hurried off with rapid flight, not thinking it would come to light.

The jury found it very plain, Miss Vail and baby had been slain
The jury found it plain also, that they were killed by John Monroe
By his own hand the deed was done.  Now he is sentenced to be hung.

DT #760
Laws F9
From Flanders, Ballard, Brown, and Barry, New Green Mountain Songster
Collected from Annie Tolin of Chester VT
incident occurred in St. John, New Brunswick Oct. 31, 1868

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