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Holy Joe From Scabsville

Holy Joe From Scabsville
 (Ewan MacColl)

 The kids all call you 'Brown-nose', Holy Joe
 They say the Coal Board bought you long ago
 A scab has covered wife and kids with shame
 If they've got any sense they'll change their name

 There's a bloke I know in Scabsville who is known as Holy Joe
 He's working at a face down in the mine
 On his way to work you'll see him give the finger to his mates
 As the cops have got him through the picket line

 You can see this man of principle performing on the box
 'Freedom' is a favourite word of Joe's
 It's a case of 'I'm all right Jack' and he's free to be a scab
 And that's the only principle he knows

 You can tell him that his job's in danger, he won't turn a hair
 He doesn't understand a simple fact
 But when they start to close the pits they don't know where to stop
 And won't hesitate to give Brown-nose the sack

 Joe just loves his video, his telly, and his car
 He doesn't think the unions all that hot
 He's forgotten the old times as those who made the unions strong
 Fought for all the benefits he's got

 The other night I dreamt that Holy Joe came to the pit
 Butch MacGregor with an axe was standing guard
 He said, We're grateful for the way you helped to smash the NUM
 Now you've served your purpose, here's your cards
 Holy Joe went pale as death and cried, You can't do that to me
 Sucker, d'ye wanna bet? said Mac
 We can flush you down the toilet, we can bury you in slag
 Now you don't have any union at your back

 The moral of this story is directed at the mugs
 Who've taken on the blacklegs' dirty role
 By scabbing you're endangering the future of the mines
 And are asking for a lifetime on the dole


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