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Scarborough Sands

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Scarborough Sands

There was a young lady  in Scarborough did dwell
She was courted by a sailor whom she loved him full well
They were promised to get married when he did return
But a mark of misfortune upon them did frown

When he was a sailing all on the salt sea
A storm there did arise and to their great surprise
A storm there did arise and the billows did roar
Which's driven many a poor seaman upon a lea shore

As soon as she heard that her true love was dead
She ran raving distracted quite out of her head
"A kind adieu to all my pleasure since my joys has fled
My grave shall be instead of a new marriage bed"

As she was a walking on Scarborough sands
A-cryin' and lamenting and wringing her hands
She cried, "Oh you cruel billows wash my true love on shore
So that I may behold his sweet face once more"

As she was walking round Robin Hood's Side
She spied a young sailor washed up by the tide
As she drew nearer to him in a maze she did stand
For she knew was her true love by the mark on his hand

A-crying, "I have found you my own dearest love"
She hugged and she kissed him a thousand times o'er
She says, "Now I am quite willing to lie by your side"
And in a few minutes after this fair maid did die

In Robin Hood Churchyard this couple was laid
And a large double tombstone placed over their head
Saying, "Ye tender-hearted lovers as you do pass by
You can weep and lament where this couple does lie"

DT #561
Laws K18
From Warner, Traditional American Folk Songs

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