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Schooldays End

Schooldays End
(Ewan MacColl)

Schooldays over, come on then John,
G                                D
Time you was puttin you pit boots on
D                       G       A        Bm           F#m      Bm
On with your sark and moleskin trousers, time you was on your way
D                                        G                 A
Time you was learnin the pitman's job, and earning a pitman's pay

Come on then Jim, it's time to go, time you was working down below
Time to be handling a pick and shovel, you start at the pit today
Time you was learning the collier's job, and earning a collier's pay

Come on then Dai, it's almost light, time you was off to the anthracite
The morning mist in on the valley, it's time you was on your way
Time you was learning the miner's job, and earning a miner's pay
Repeat verse one
Recorded by Ewan MacColl
Copyright Storm King Music

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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