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Bonnie Susie Cleland

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Bonnie Susie Cleland

There lived a lady in Scotland
  Hey my love, ho my joy
There lived a lady in Scotland
  So dearly she loved me
There lived a lady in Scotland
She fell in love with an Englishman
  Bonnie Susie Cleland, she's to be burned in Dundee

The father to his daughter came
Will you forsake this Englishman?

If you will not this Englishman forsake
Then I will burn you at the stake

Where may I find a pretty little boy
To carry tokens to my joy

Bring to him this right hand glove
Tell him to find another love

Bring to him this wee pen knife
Tell him to find another wife

Bring to him this gay gold ring
Tell him I'm going to my burning

The father he put up the stake
The brothers the fire did make
  Bonnie Susie Cleland, she was burned at Dundee

From the singing of Lisa Null, can be heard on her record "The
Feathered Maiden".
Child #65

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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