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Self-Employed Worker

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Self-Employed Worker
(Milea Kenin)

I own my own means of production, full value I get and I give
This may not be one worker's heaven, but its how this one worker  must live

  Its how this one worker must live (3x)
  But its how this one worker must live

I don't mind irregular hours, my skill is my joy and my pride
If I work until I'm beside myself, my boss works right here at my side

  My boss works right here at my side...

Security's quite nonexistent and benefits are that way too
My  boss  say's there's not enough money and I know that she's  telling  me

But still since I've started this business, I've never had half so much fun
And I am the sole charter member of a great little union of one

I know that there's other just like me with pleasures and problems we share
We don't get exploited by bosses, but the system's not treating us fair

So  come all you self-employed workers with all the strange things we  must
Let's schedule some time for a union for me and for you and for you

Copyright Milea Kenin)
printed in Sing Out

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