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In Callao there lives a gal whose name is Serafina
     Serafina! Serafina!
She sleeps all day and works all not on the old Cally Marina
     Serafina! Oh, Serafina!

She's the queen, me boys, of all the gals that live in the ol' Casino,
She used to (kiss) for monkey nuts but now she (works) for vino.

At robbin' silly sailors, boys, no gal was ever keener
She'll make you pay right through the nose, that lovely Serafina!

She'll guzzle pisco, beer and gin, on rum her mum did wean 'er
She smokes just like a chimney stack on a P.S.N.C steamer.

Serafina's got no (shoes), I been ashore an' seen 'er
She's got no time to put them on, that hard-worked Serafina.

When I was young an' in me prime, I first met Serafina
In Callao we saw the sights an' then went up to Lima.

But the finest sight I ever saw was little Serafina,
But the very next day as we sailed away, I wisht I'd never been there.

For I wuz skint, me clothes wuz gone, an' so wuz Serafina.
She'd done me brown, she'd sunk me down, that dirty she-hyena!

I used to love a little girl whose name was Serafina
But she's gone off with a Dago man who plays a concertina.

From Shanties from the Seven Seas, Hugill
note: halyard shantey

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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