Digital Tradition Mirror


(Kate Wolf)

Oh love, it's your blue eyes
        turning to black
Shining down on me
        as I lie here on my back
And that lovelight shines deeper
        than even I can see
It makes my heart glad
        it's shining down on me.

Chorus: Shining in the morning
        Shining in the evening
        Shining in the summer
        and the winter too
        Makes me sing with a glad heart
        Sing in my sorrow,
        Sing for those blue eyes
        That burn so true.

I'd like to wrap you in my blankets,
        yes, and ride that morning train.
Lie warm and soft beside you
        listening to the rain
Rolling down the valley
        on its journey in the wind
And watch that light of love
        come shining down again.

You get that look in your eyes, love
        it's something I can't name
I've seen that look before
        just not on something tame.
It's a little lost and lonely,
        a spirit burning free,
That makes my heart glad
        it's shining down on me.

Copyright Kate Wolf

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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