Digital Tradition Mirror

Shackles and Chains

Shackles and Chains
(Jimmie Davis)

     G                   C
On a long, lonesome journey I'm going
D7                  G
Now darling please don't you cry
For in shackles and chains they will take me
     D7            G
To a prison to stay until I die.

And at night through the bars
I will gaze at the stars
     D7               G
And I long for your kisses in vain
                         C       Am
A piece of stone I will use for my pillow

D7             G
While I'm sleeping in shackles and chains.

Put your arm through the bars once my darling
Let me kiss those sweet lips that I love best
For in heartaches you're my consolation
And in misery my haven of rest.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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