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Wake, O Wake, You Drowsy Sleeper

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Wake, O Wake, You Drowsy Sleeper

Wake, o wake, you drowsy sleeper
Wake, o wake, it is almost day,
How can you sleep, you cruel creature
Since you have stolen my heart away.

"Oh, hush, hush, hush, don't you wake my mother
No songs of love will she let me hear
If you sing songs, go court some other
And whisper lowly in my ear."

"My father he lies in the next room simple,
A-takin of his natural rest,
And in his hand he holds a weapon
He swears he will kill the one I love best."

"Come go with me, you will stop my pining,
And sit you down by the side of me
And lay your loving rms around me
And say you'll love no one but me."

"I'll go with you in some lonesome valley
And I will spend my days with you,
Though my meat may be pretty berries
And the water I drink be the morning dew."

"A pretty flower was made to bloom, love,
Pretty stars were made to shine,
And pretty girls was made for boys, love,
And maybe you was made for mine."

From Traditional American Folk Songs, Warner and Warner
Collected from Rebecca King Jones, NC 1939
DT #327
Laws M4

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