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To Sing the Blues

To Sing the Blues
(Roger Himler and Charles Kennedy)

Lived alone for so long,
That's why I sing these sad old songs,
Lord, I'm tired of being inspired,
To sing the blues.

cho: Gimme one, gimme two,
     Of these low-down dirty blues,
     Come on and sing along.

Evil women, nasty wine,
Boss man bitchin' all the time,
Seems to me it's my destiny,
To sing the blues.

 And when I die or become a star,
 Won't you bury me with my guitar.

Big ol' bankroll fat and round,
A dozen ladies all 'cross town,
That's the key.  Then I won't need,
To sing the blues.

Copyright Roger Himler and Charles Kennedy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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