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Six Feet of Mud

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Six Feet of Mud
(Cyril Tawney)

Roll on the drums, oh! me time has come
Let's get it over with before I start to hum in
   Six feet of mud, six feet of mud,
   Nine fathoms of water and six feet of mud.

Haul down the flag and sew up the bag
One consolation-the wife can't nag me in
    Six feet, etc.

Fire the last salute and slide me down the chute
But don't send me overboard in me tiddly suit into
    Six feet, etc.

Sound the last post and pray for me ghost
For in three day's time I'll be washed up on the coast
   from Six feet, etc.

There's a billet to let and I hope you don't forget
To break the news to Greenburgh's I'm in Crown debt
   in Six feet, etc.

In a year on this tub it's me first green rub
And there ain't a man among you can do me a sub
   in Six feet. etc.

I said to the doc "It's a race against the clock
'Cos in three hours time we'll be in dry dock
     without the Six feet, etc.-

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