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Oh for Six O'Clock

Oh for Six O'Clock

     Oh for six a'clock, oh for seven I weary,
     Oh for eight a'clock, for then I see my dearie.
     Oh he's a bonnie lad, oh he's a bonnie fella,
     Oh he's a bonnie lad, wi' ribbons blue and yella.
     My mither says he's deed, oh isen that a peety?
     He'll come back again, ridin on a sheepie.

     Opie Lore 27, from Forfar.  Cf. "Salmon Fishers".
     Cf. an Annandale fragment "From an Old Song", in Rymour
Club Misc. I (1906-11), 86: "O for Monday night, For Tuesday
night I weary,/ But it's O for Friday night, For then I'll
see my dearie."  [Cf. one version of "Ay Waukin O".]


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