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Soldier's Joy

Soldier's Joy
(JImmy Driftwood)

Continental soldiers on a bivouac
Were playin' stud poker in a mountain shack
But every vigilante laid down his hand
When the captain of the guard gave a sharp command

   So Jimmy get your fiddle out and rosin up your bow
   Johnny tune your banjer up we're gonna have a show
   Billy pass the jug around to Coffer and McCoy
   We're gonna have a tune called Soldier's Joy

The girls in Boston are dancin' tonight
And the goldurn redcoats are a-holdin' 'em tight
When we get there we will show them how
But that ain't a-doin' us no good now

There goes General Washington
He's got his horse in a sweeping run
The barefoot boys are a-beggin' to fight
We're gonna cross the Delaware river tonight

Old Burgoyne in the wilderness
Got his army in an awful mess
The farmers got mad at the British and the huns
And captured ten thousand of them son-of-a-guns

John Paul Jones in an old tin can
Scoured the ocean like a fightin' man
The British said "Paul are you ready to strike"
Paul said "I'm just beginning to fight"

General Washington and Roe Shambeaux
Drinkin' their wine in the campfire's glow
Big Ben Morgan came a-gallopin in
Said we got Cornwallace in the old cow pen

Wake up buddy, have you heard the news
Grandma Britain's got an awful bruise
The redcoats cried and cursed your town
While the band played "The World's Turned Upside Down"

A home made fiddle and a mandolin
An old banjo and a tambourine
A big dumb bully for the drummer boy
Everybody loves to hear the Soldier's Joy

Copyright Jimmy Driftwood

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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