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Smoke! Smoke! Smoke that Cigarette!

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke that Cigarette!
(Merle Travis)

cho: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke that cigarette!
     Puff, Puff, Puff and if you smoke yourself to death
     Tell Saint Peter at the Golden Gate
     That you hate to make him wait
     But you've just got to have another cigarette.

Now I'm a feller with a heart of gold,
And the ways of a gentleman, I've been told,
The kind of a guy that wouldn't even harm a flea--
But if me and a certain character met,
The guy that invented the cigarette,
I'd murder that son of a gun in the first degree--
Not 'cause I don't smoke myself,
And I don't reckon they'll harm your health
I've smoked all my life and ain't dead yet
But nicotine slaves are all the same,
At a pettin' party or a poker game,
Everything must stop while they smoke that cigarette.

In a game of chance the other night
Old Dame Fortune was a-doin' me right,
The Kings and Queens just kept on comin' around--
I played 'em hard and bet 'em high,
But my bluff didn't work on a certain guy,
He kept on raisin' and layin' the money down
He'd raise me and I'd raise him,
I sweated blood gotta sink or swim,
He finally called and didn't raise the bet--
I said "Aces full, pal,--how 'bout you?"
He said "I'll tell you in a minute or two,
Right now I've just got to have a cigarette."

The other night I had a date
With the cutest little girl in the forty eight states
A high-bred, uptown, fancy little dame--
She said she loved me and it seemed to me
That things were 'bout like they oughta be,
So hand in hand we strolled down lover's lane--
She was oh, so far from a cake of ice,
Our smoochin' party was a-goin nice,
So help me Hannah, I think I'd a been there yet--
But I give her a kiss and a little squeeze
And she said "Tex excuse me please,
I've just got to have another cigarette."

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