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Song of Eveningtide

Song of Eveningtide
(Bob Lusk)

It was late one night at eveningtide,
      my love and I went down
To see the crystal waters,
      by the edge of town
We walked on by the factory,
      down past the garbage scow
And to the muddy waters,
      that trickled slow enow

To my true love I said these words,
      I said them loud and clear
This world is no more the place,
      that I once held so dear
There is pain enough and sorrow enough,
      in all this world to share
I can take but little more,
      so goodbye Carol dear

I jumped into the waters,
      to leave this world of sin
And I landed on an old rubber tire,
      that someone had thrown in
I got up and I walked back,
      to my love by the shore
And vowed I'd never try,
      and drown myself no more

Now Jesus walked on the waters,
      or so I understand
They say it's not a feat,
      to be done by mortal man
Our Lord walked on the waters,
      our Lord walked on the sea
But walking on the Hudson,
      was easy enough, for me

copyright Bob Lusk

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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