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The Leg I Left Behind

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The Leg I Left Behind

I am stumpless quite since from the shot
Of Cerro Gordo peggin',
I left behind, to pay Gen. Scott, '
My grub, and gave my leg in.

I dare not turn to view the place
Lest Yankee foes should find me,
And mocking shake before my face
The Leg I Left Behind Me.

At Buena Vista l was sure
That Yankee troops must surrender,
And bade my men hurrah, for you're
All going on a bender.

That all my hopes and plans were dashed,
My scattered troops remind me,
But though I there got soundly thrashed,
l left no leg behind me.

Should Gen. Taylor of my track get scent,
Or Gen Scott beat up my quarters,
I may as well just be content
To go across the waters.

But should that my fortune be,
Fate has not quite resigned me
For in the museum I will see
The Leg I Left Behind Me.

Note: After the Battle of Cerro Gordo, Santa Anna was so hotly
pursued by the U.S. troops that he had to abandon his splendid
private carriage, $70,000 in silver and his cork leg. The U.S.
troops liked this.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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