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Sodger Laddie

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Sodger Laddie
(Robert Burns)

I once was a maid, though I cannae tell when,
And still my delight is in proper young men.
Some one o' a troop o' dragoons was ma daddie;
No wonder I'm fond o' a young sodger laddie.

     Sing fol de rol, lol de rol,
     Lol de rol laddie.

The first o' my loves was a swaggerin' blade;
Tae rattle the thunderin' drum was his trade.
His leg was sae tight and his cheek was sae ruddy,
Transported was I wi' my sodger laddie.

But the godly auld chaplain left him in the lurch,
And the sword I forsook for the sake o' the church.
He ventured the soul and I risked the body;
'Twas then I proved fause tae my sodger laddie.

Full soon I grew sick o' my sanctified sot;
Tae the reg'ment at large for a husband I got.
Frae the gilded spontoon tae the fife I was ready;
I asked for nae mair but a young sodger laddie.

But the peace it reduced me tae beg in despair
Till I met my auld body at Cunningham Fair.
His rags regimental, they fluttered sae gaudy,
My hairt it rejoiced at my sodger laddie.

And now I hae lived -- and I know not how lang --
And still I can joy in a cup or a song.
But whilst with both hands I can haud the glass steady,
Here's tae thee, my love, my ain sodger laddie.

Sung by Cilla Fisher and Artie Trezise on "For Foul Day and Fair."
Robert Burns had some influence on this song; I am unable to say
exactly how much. (It's included in Burns, Songs and Poems,
Kinsley--RG) I think it safe to say that only in Scotland
could a song about a prostitute have proved as socially acceptable
as this one. BW

glossary: ain: own
     auld: old
     cannae: cannot
     fause: false
     hae: have
     hairt: heart
     haud: hold
     ma: my
     mair: more
     nae: no
     sae: so
     tae: to
     wi': with


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