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A Soldier Just From the Marine

A Soldier Just From the Marine

There was a young soldier just from the marine,
Stopped at a log cabin to buy him some wine.

Oh lady, oh lady, your daughter's so fine,
Please lend her to me for to have a good time.

On no, that cannot be, my daughter's too young,
For the hair on her cunt has just now begun.

Oh mother, oh mother, I am not too young,
For I have been fucking the old blacksmith's son.

Oh daughter, oh daughter, if you're not too young,
Just spraddle you legs out and let him crawl on.

Oh mother, oh mother, he's up on me now,
Ahunching and punching like a bull on a cow.

Oh mother, oh mother, he's ruint me forever,
He's bunged up my ass hole and busted my liver.

Oh daughter, oh daughter, you are such a fool,
To let a man fuck you with a prick like a mule.

From The Dirty Song Book, Silverman

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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