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The Building of Solomon's Temple

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The Building of Solomon's Temple

In history we read of a freemason king,
The glory of Israel, his praise let us sing!
He who built a great fabric, as we understand,
On the Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.

He who conquered Goliath, as in history we find,
And purchased the ground for to raise that design,
Then ordered King Solomon, as he was his son,
To finish the building that he had begun.

King Solomon in order to erect that great plan,
He numbered all the workmen that was in the land.
Seventy thousand to bear burden he them did reserve;
Eighty thousand on the mountain to hew, cut, and carve.

Three thousand six hundred he ordered to be
The masters of workmen for to oversee.
And if you believe me I tell you it's true,
He clothed them all in the orange and blue.

Then straightway to Tyre a letter did send,
Requesting King Hiram for to be his friend;
And finding him willing to grant him relief,
Sent a gay cunning craftsman called Hiram Bereaf.

He being a son of a widow of the daughters of Dan,
In every particular he acted the man.
In all things put to him he did nothing amiss.
He exceeded them all in the casting of brass.

He cast two great pillars would dazzle your sight,
They were full fifty cubits. He stood them upright,
That all Israel might see them as they went to church.
They stood one on each side of King Solomon's porch.

He cast two great pillars (eagles?) of an immense worth;
They spread forth their wings for to cover the earth.
They stood better there than they would in the field;
They were made by Ahalabus and great Bazaleel.

And the molten sea thirty cubits about,
And the brazen oxen without any doubt,
And many's the vessel this Hiram did cast,
And lots of hne vessels I'm sure we have missed.

And the place where he cast them I will explain:
It was in a valley they called Jordan's plain.
Between Succoth and Zarthan that place it was found;
Those vessels was all cast in that clayey ground.

And now the bold craftsmen the stone did it square,
All ready for building before they came there;
And on proper carriages they were all brought down,
That on that great temple no hammer sbould sound.

They put on the top of that beautiful pile,
There were three golden rods lest the birds should defile,
And a place made for worship in His holy name.
It was all overlaid with the gold of Purvail.

When the Queen of Sheba she heard of his fame,
She unto King Solomon then instantly came.
The report of his wisdom through the nations did pass,
For he was King Solomon, the grandson of Jess'.

When bright Phoebe in the morning her light doth expel,
Such a beautiful building I'm sure it looked well;
When light stands against light in three ranks doth shine
Such a beautiful temple was ne'er seen in time.

Jerusalem is a city of walls great and high;
It's a wonder to all strangers that do it pass by.
I'm sure it's a type of that vision was seen
On the Isle of Patmos by John the divine.

When our brethren do meet in a lodge for to shine,
Each man he is clothed in a garment so fine;
And likewise our master who sits in the chair,
And rules all our actions by the compass and square.

Then come, all my dear brethren, join chorus with me.
Here's a health to all masons that's honest and free!
King Solomon's wisdom and Hiram's also -
Come, fill up our glass! Let us drink, then we'll go.

note: one of the few Masonic songs I've ever encountered. Hiram
     Bereaf is a corruption of Hiram Abiff  of Masonic Tradition. RG
From Ballads and Sea Songs from Nova Scotia, Mackenzie
Collected from Richard Hines
DT #546
Laws Q39

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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