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Somebody's Grandmother

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Somebody's Grandmother
(Charlie King/Lu Mitchell)

There's a quiet old lady who lives up the street
Her house is so tidy, her house is so neat.
None would suspect it, how hard they might try
What this little old lady was doin' on the sly.

     Somebody's grandmother with hair snowy white
     The FBI's hot on her trail tonight
     She's down in Brazil with the janitor Hank
     And the loot from the Kuglesville National Bank

Now the Kuglesville bank had an audit today
And I'm here to tell you there was all Hell to pay
She'd filched all the money in tiny amounts
From over a thousand dormant accounts.

Twenty three years without a vacation
The president said it showed great dedication
But on that subject, she remained rather mute
She simply smiled sweetly as she piled up the loot

Children all loved her and grownups would vie
For a piece of her homemade blueberry pie
None suspected, not even Hank
She was juggling the books at the National Bank

Now she gave to her church, and no thoughts were higher
A voice like an angel was hers in the choir
In her picture window there shines no more light
She is dining in Rio de Janerio tonight

Copyright Charlie King 1982, Lu Mitchell (words) 1966
sung by Faith Petrick

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