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Song for Early Mornings

Song for Early Mornings
(Dan Schatz)

Night is almost over; daylight's comin' soon.
You and I have been up all night playin' our hard time tunes.
They come so easy in these early hours when the moon has gone to sleep
And sunk below the mountain ridge; it's so dark I can't see.

CHO: A thousand memories are held in our hearts; a hundred different names.
     And every heart we meet and part with joins us in some way
     And every heart we come to know will love us in return
     And every time we're torn apart there's a lesson to be learned.

Now, Summer nights were made for music in the woods
And guitars were meant for playin' all those songs that sound so good.
And voices meant for singin' and talkin' in the dark,
And hearts were meant for lovin' and there's love in every heart.

So here's to early mornings and here's to midnight songs
And here's to the love in every heart; we never mean it wrong.
And soon we will be here again when the day begins to dawn;
We'll sing and talk of the hearts we've held until all the stars are gone.

And every time we're torn apart there's a lesson to be learned.

copyright 1990 by Dan Schatz
Thirty-Six String Music

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