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Song for Gale

Song for Gale
(Larry Kaplan)

1. Blue skies, south wind, fish jumpin' in your hand
   What a day to be working old Nantucket sound
   From the islands into the mainland

Worn out, smelling of bait
You'd come home by the end of the day
And the sun over West Chop
Those warm summer breezes
Made you think it would never change.

cho: Get me my fiddle we'll sing all old songs
     Now you take the high notes, and I'll sing the low
     Good times and hard times, there worth all the telling
     It won't matter to me if you sing 'em that well.

I remember the time when you worked for a living
Pulling hard just to get back to shore
When you busted your back
Or you just wouldn't eat
They don't talk much of that anymore

When you sat with the old folks, fell asleep from their stories
Stayed awake with the howling winds;
Sang your songs till the children were all tucked away warm
And the night tides come rollin' back in.

(repeat first verse)

Written for E. Gale Huntington of Martha's Vineyard
Copyright Larry Kaplan 1988, BMI

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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