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A Song in the Night

A Song in the Night
(Mark Graham)

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We live in a world that grows darker each day,
The storm clouds roll in, the sun fades away,
But for those God has called there's a work to be done
Before the bright light of His kingdom will come.

cho: Like a song in the night, the good news must be,
     Let it fly o'er the earth, let it sail o'er the sea,
     Till the whole world has heard of the soon coming King,
     A song in the night we'll sing.

Though the warfare is fierce, though the battle seems lost,
To be part of God's plan is worth any cost,
And in every land lying under the sun,
Through children of clay, God's great work shall be done.

So lift up your heart and lift up your voice,
Let the feeble grow strong, let the weary rejoice;
In the darkest of times, there's a song to be sung,
Till the day when God's kingdom has finally come.

Words and music copyright (c)1997 by Mark Graham


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