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Song for a New Year

Song for a New Year
(Ian Robb)

One evening so silent as I was out walking
I spied an old woman sat down by a tree
And as I drew nigh her I could hear her soft talking
These wishes she made for the child on her knee.

First I'll wish that in peace you may always be living
Oh never to kill at a sergeant's command
For king or for country's no reason for giving
Your life and  your blood in some far away land

May you be your own master let no man control you
Whether tyrant or government or factory or farm
No matter the wages they'll pay to console you
To slavery's order n'er lift a strong arm

Good health be your fortune no gift can excel it
But guard it from those who would take it away
In mills mines and factories they'll force you to sell it
For industries profit most dearly you'll pay

And the last of my hopes is for friends    and kindred
For the love of companions is our greatest need
And though you may live to the age of 100
It's young you'll remain while friends    succeeds

So now lads and lasses come lift up your glasses
And drink a good health to our children so dear
To peace free from classes while history passes
To friends and to loved ones a happy new year

Copyright Ian Robb

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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