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A Song to the Sons of Liberty

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A Song to the Sons of Liberty

Come jolly Sons of Liberty
Come all with hearts united.
Our Motto is  " We dare be free ",
Not  easily affrighted!
Oppression's bond we must subdue,
Now is the time or never;
Let each man prove this motto true
And slavery from him sever.

Pale vissag'd Fear, let none possess!
Or Terrors e'er perplex him,
Posterity will ever bless,
And nought hereafter vex him;
To Freedom's Banner,  let's repair,
When e'er we see Occasion ...
Nor wives nor Children, tho' most dear,
E'er stop to look or gaze on.

In Freedom's Cause, the slavish knave,
'Twere better his Condition
(That might his Country's Ruin save!)
To sink into Perdition;
Chain'd to a Galley, groan his days,
And never be forgotten,
While Furies croak his Bondage Lays
After he's dead and Rotten,

See Liberty high poiz'd in Air
Her Free Born Sons commanding,
" Come on, my Sons, without a fear,
Your Nat'ral Rights demanding!
Your Cause, the Gods proclaim is just
Can tamely, you, be fetter'd ?
In which, disturb your Father's Dust!
With  "S",  be ever letter'd! "

Obey, my brothers, Nature's call
Your country too demands it!
Let Liberty ne'er have a Fall!
'Tis Freedom that commands it.
The Ax now to the Root is laid.
Will you be Bound or Free?
No time to pause - - then " Whose afraid?"
Live or die in Liberty!

From Songbook of the American Revolution, Rabson
Note: written for an 1768 rally, commemorating
 the Stamp Act riots of 1765
Tune: Come, Jolly Bacchus

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