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South Street Waltz

South Street Waltz
(Mark Cohen)

1. Do you remember, nineteen-nineteen
   I was an immigrant, you were my dream
   Warm summer evenings, ice cream and stars
   Riding down South Street on noisy streetcars

        The years turned around us, the children, the war
        I was a dress-cutter, you worked the store
        And Sundays on South Street, we'd go for tea
        Then I'd take you dancing with me


Come and we'll dance again

Try to remember when

You'd sing me a song, silver and strong

Made of the morning light

Dance for the days we've known

Dance for a love full grown

Let yourself glide, I'm here by your side

We're dancing tonight

2. Foxtrots and waltzes, we knew them all
   Gliding so lightly as songs filled the hall
   You grew more lovely, as years went by
   Sundays on South Street, my sweetheart and I

        One day I noticed, something was wrong
        You had forgotten our favorite song
        Then you remembered, and brushed it aside
        But I saw the fear in your eyes    ( CHORUS )

3. Things seemed to crumble from that time on
   Each day a part of you fading or gone
   Now we're still together, but you've slipped away
   And South Street's a memory, empty and gray

        Yet through the darkness, one light remains
        Something to hold against all of the pain
        Music still moves you, sets you aglow
        Dancing is all that you know     ( CHORUS )

4. Sweetheart, it's Sunday, though you don't know
   And I've brought you roses tied up with a bow
   Lovely and graceful, just like your face
   A delicate beauty that time can't erase

        I'll put on a record, a Glenn Miller tune
        Here, let me hold you, let's see if there's room
        Your body remembers, your smile's just the same
        We're dancing on South Street again  ( CHORUS )

Copyright Mark Cohen 1986

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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