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The Sporting Cowboy

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The Sporting Cowboy

When I was a cowboy I learned to throw the line,
I learned to pocket money and not to dress so fine,
Went out on the prairie, to learn to rob and steal,
When I robbed a cowboy, how happy did I feel!

For working I'm not able and beggin' is too low,
Stealin'is so dreadful, to jail I must go;
Yonder comes the jailer, his jury to come today,
Who knows that I am guilty, I'm bound to go that way.

I saw the jailer coming, about eleven o'clock,
Hands full of jail keys, them doors to unlock.
"Cheer up, cheer up, you prisoner," I heard the jury say-
I'm bound to Dallas County for ten long years to stay.

I wore my broad and summeralls, my hoss and saddle was fine
When I spied those pretty girls, you bet I called them mine,
Spotted' em all for beauty, oh, Lord, it was in vain,
I'm bound to Dallas County to wear the ball and chain.

Saw my darling coming, ten dollars in her hand.
"Give it to the cowboy, 'tis all that I command,
Give it to the cowboy, remember olden times,
So he won't forget his darling he's left so far behind."

From Our Singing Country, Lomax

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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