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Sperry Rand

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Sperry Rand
  by Stan Kelly-Bootle

I met a programmer a-walking one day
O Why aren't you coding, to him I did say
I'm not a programmer, the truth I will tell
But a metaprogrammer from meta-Ma Bell

   Sperry Rand, Rand, Rand, Sperry Rand

Pray, What do you do there, the stranger I asked
And what are you paid for each tough meta-task?
I just think about programs, the young man did say
For a mere meta-pittance of twelve meta K

And where do you come from, I finally cried
I come from Hell the stranger replied
If you come from Hell, then tell me right plain
How the Hell you managed to get out again

The way I got out, Sir, the truth I will tell
They're turning the systems folk all out of Hell
This is to make room for the people who sell
There is a great number of them at Ma Bell

Come all you salespersons and take my advice
Be fair to your prospects and give a good price
For if and you do not, I know very well
You'll be in great danger of going to Hell

see also Coal Owner and Pitman's Wife

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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