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Springfield Mountain (4)

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Springfield Mountain (4)

Near Springfield Mountain there did dwell
A lovely damsel known full well
Lieutenant Carter's only gal
Her father's joy and named Sal

One day this damsel tript it quick
Down to the stream to berries pick
She hadn't picked but two or three
When her foot slipped and in went she

She uttered an awful yell
When into that swift stream she fell
And then sunk down beneath the wave
Because no hand was near to save

Her lover saw the awful sight
And ran to her with all his might
But when out of the stream he took her
All signs of life had quite forsook her

And from the stream he took her out
And quickly rolled her all about
But when he found her soul had fled
He wrung his hands and cri-i-ed.

And then her lifeless form he bore
Unto her anxious mother's door
Saying, "Mrs. Carter here you see
All that's left of your Sallie."

The awful news spread through her brain
And down she fell nor spoke again
The lover he some poison took
And throwed himself into the brook

And told his ghost to follow arter
His own dear Sal and Mrs. Carter
( Because  you see he sought to be
 With them through all eternity)

From Songs the Whalemen Sang, Huntiungton
Collected from the Journal of Braganza, 1845
Note: last two lines supplied by Huntington
DT #314
Laws G16
tune: "Doxology"

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