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When Our Boys Gave Up Squiddin'

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When Our Boys Gave Up Squiddin'

Our boys gave up squiddin', they all joined the navy
To fight for old England, her King and her Crown,
Although we feel sad, we also feel glad
That we got such fine men on the squid-jiggin' ground.

There's Tom, Dick and Harry, and handsome young Larry
And Bill, Mike and Joe whom we all well do know,
They pulled up their dories and swore by the Tories
That they'd gain the victory or they'd squid no more.

So up to their mothers, their dads and the others
To get their consent without further delay,
And away with the oilskins, cape-annes and the jiggers
And up to the court-house to join up that day.

There's Tommy left Mary and Billy left Sally
And Joe left his young wife to follow the croud;
Even Uncle Bob Hawkins, with his three pairs of stockins
Left his father to wear on the Squid-Jiggin' ground.

Now they got the pluck, they don't care for the buck,
It's their King and their country, "Keep Hitler Down!"
For if he gets over, we'll be all under clover
If Hitler gets over to the Sqid-Jiggin' Ground.

From Old-Time Songs of Nova Scotia, Doyle

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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