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Star o' the Bar

Star o' the Bar
(Davie Robertson)

Oh I'll sing ye's a stave if ye'll gie yer attention
It's nae sang o' pity it's nae tale o' woe
And nae word o' honour or love will I mention
But I'll sing o' a lassie I kent long ago

cho: Nae better than maist, and nae worse as mony
     And what drew me tae her 's no easy tae say
     She was coorse, she was heartless and she wasnae that bonnie
     But she was the star o' the bar in her day

I've stravaiged the Royal Mile wi' her, drinkin' in style wi' her
And Rose Street frae end tae end often surveyed
Focht and swore in the pubs wi' her
Rolled in the dubs wi' her, cadged mony subs frae her never repaid

A' ye chaps wi' young lassies believe me love soon passes
And a' yer bricht dreams is but straes in the wind
Better yin whae'll sit doon wi' ye, sing a fine tune wi' ye
Pass the gless roond wi' ye, drink hersel blind

note:     At last, Davie Robertson makes it to  Mudcat. Has he recorded his
parody of "Up the Norran Water" yet? Probably the funniest song I have ever
heard. If anyone knows Jim Reid's original adaptation of the poem and would like
to have Davie's parody, I think I can remember the words.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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