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The Star of Logy Bay

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The Star of Logy Bay
(traditional Newfoundland)

Ye ladies and ye gentlemen
I pray ye lend an ear
While I locate the residence
Of a lovely charmer fair
The curling of her yellow locks
First stole my heart away
And her place of habitation
Is down in Logy Bay

'Twas on a summer's evening
This little place I found
I met her aged father
Who did me sore confound
Saying, "If you address my daughter,
I'll send her far away,
And she never will return again,
While you're in Logy Bay."

"How could you be so cruel as
To part me from my love?
Her tender heart beats in her breast
As constant as a dove.
Oh, Venus was no fairer,
Nor the lovely month of May."
May Heaven above shower down its love
On the star of Logy Bay

'Twas on the very next morning
He went to St. John's town
And engaged for her a passage
On a vessel outward bound
He robbed me of my hearts delight
And sent her far away
And he left me here downhearted
For the star of Logy Bay

Oh, now I'll go a-roaming
I can no longer stay
I'll search the wide world over
In every country
I'll search in vain through France and Spain
Likewise Americay
'Til I do sight my heart's delight
The star of Logy Bay

Now to conclude and finish
The truth to you I'll tell
Between Torbay and Outer Cove
'Tis there my love did dwell
The finest girl ever graced our Isle
So everyone did say
May Heaven above send down its love
On the star of Logy Bay

From the collection of Andrew Draskoy

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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