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Still I Love Him 2

Still I Love Him 2

When I was single, I had a black shawl.
Now I am married, I've nothing at all.

Cho: Still I love him. I'll forgive him.
     I'll go with him wherever he goes.

He came up the row and he whispered me out,
Then he went off with young Kitty McCloud.

He gave me a handkerchief, red, white, and blue,
Then to clean windows, he tore it in two.

Me back is a-breaking. Me fingers is sore,
Gutting the herring he brings to the shore.

The storm is a-raging. His boat isn't in.
Dursn't one tell me what's happened to him.

If he's gone to heaven, he'll come to no harm.
If he's gone to hell, then he'll keep himself warm.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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