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Stratton Mountain Tragedy

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Stratton Mountain Tragedy
(Seba Smith)

Cold was the mountain's height
Drear was the pasture wild
As through the darkness of night
A mother wondered with her child
As through the drifting snow she pressed
The babe was sleeping 'neath her breast

Bitter blew the chilly winds
Darker hours of night came on
Deeper grew the drifting snow
Her limbs were chilled, her strength was gone
"Oh God," she cried in accents wild
"If I must perish, save my child"

She took the mantle from her breast
Bared her bosom to the storm
As round the babe she wrapped her vest
She smiled to think that it was warm
One cold kiss, one tear she shed
And sank into that snowy bed

A stranger passing by next day
Spied her 'neath that snowy veil
The frost of death was in her eye
Her cheek was hard and cold and pale
He took the robe from off the child
The babe looked up and sweetly smiled

DT #638
Laws G 18
Happened in Vermont in 1821 to Lucy Blake and child Rebecca
recorded by Margaret MacArthur (full notes)
  and Flanders and Brown Vermont Folk Songs and Ballads

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