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Strangers in My Soup

Strangers in My Soup
(Alan Sherman)

 Strangers in my soup, that's what I found there
 Little tiny things that swim around there
 Looking down I see them looking up at me.

 Strange things can be seen, they're scattered sparsely,
 Small things that are green, but are not parsley
 In my soup they've made their little aquacade.

 Soup was meant to be
 Completely free of things, extraneous debris,
 Except for now and then, a noodle or some rice,
 But these things are not nice,
 See them swimming, thrashing thriving,
 Holy Smokes, they're scuba diving
 (Oh my god)
 In my bouillabaisse I looked and then I
 Saw a tiny face with two antennae
 And I heard him say, "Man, the soup is good today,"

 I let out a whoop
 I hollered, "Waiter, there are strangers in my soup"
 And when he came I said "Now I'm a connoisseur,
 I ordered soupe de jour,"
 And he said, "Look I'm just a waiter,
 You need an exterminator.

 So you're a connoisseur, I knew you dug soup
 I brought you soupe de jour--today it's bug soup
 That explains the group of strangers in your soup.


Words by Allen Sherman, courtesy of Don Galibreath. 1985
Copyright Alan Sherman
To the tune of "Strangers in the Night"

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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