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The Long Strike

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The Long Strike

Come all ye jolly colliers, wherever you may be
I pray you will attention give and listen unto me,
I have a doleful tale, and to relate it I will strive,
About the great suspension in eighteen seventy-five.

In eighteen hundred and seventy-five, our masters did conspire
To keep men, women, and children without either food or fire.
They tho't to starve us to submit with hunger and with cold,
But the miners did not fear them, but stood out brave and bold.

Now two long months are nearly o'er, that no one can deny,
And for to stand another month we are willing for to try,
Our wages shall not be reduced, tho' poverty do reign,
We'll have seventy-four basis, boys, before we'll work again.

And when we get the basis boys, we'll work again with joy.
We'll never mind those blacklegs named peddlers or decoys,
May the world all frown upon them for such traitors they have been!
And may each miner think of whene'er we do begin.

So come all you jolly colliers, that appreciate good times,
And never mind them blacklegs I have mentioned in my rhymes.
They are a disgrace unto their race wherever they may be
Traitors to their fellow miners, likewise society.

From Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners, Korson
Note: See note on WBASONG
No tune provided; sings well to Jam on Gerry's Rock

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